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Depend on Powell Roofing to protect your structure from the top down. There are numerous residential and commercial roofing choices, all of which can be answered by us. The type of roof and the materials involved require careful consideration. Our roofing experts, with years of experience and utilizing the best materials, will assist you when deciding which option to choose.

If it’s time to replace an aging roof, you may consider staying with the existing type and material composition or you may want to investigate alternatives. Some materials are more environmentally friendly. Some are longer-lasting. Some are low-maintenance. Some are all of the above.

Perhaps you want to install the last roof you’ll have to, barring natural extremes. Do you want your roof to last 20 years or 50 years? What is the most cost-effective choice considering the life cycle of the roof type you choose? We’ve got you covered when it comes to your roofing questions!


Powell Roofing is a NW Oregon and SW Washington leader in professional new or replacement window installations. Our level of service and the quality of the products we use are harbingers of our reputation and when it comes to windows, we highly recommend Andersen as well as our exclusive line of replacement windows- Renovation by Powell Roofing. Both have a great reputations that exceed industry standards for quality.

Replacement Windows

If your windows are allowing air infiltration (drafts) or moisture buildup between window panes or fogging (caused by seal failure), your windows are an energy liability. These are reasons to consider replacing your existing windows, in addition to these benefits:

Improve energy efficiency by 10-25%.

Reduce noise transmission from outside your home.

Improve security.

Improve the curb appearance of your home with new windows and several trim styles.

Reduce sun fade on upholstered fabrics, carpet and drapes.

Things to consider when selecting windows:

High-E Windows – Sunlight can be an asset or a detriment. It is important to determine which areas of your home are subjected to direct sunlight. A costly problem associated with direct sunlight is the fading of carpet, upholstered furniture or drapes. If fading is an issue or problem, new High-E windows are a solution.

Low-E Windows – If summer heat buildup inside is a problem due to direct sunlight, Low-E glass is recommended.

Noise Control – The advanced design of new windows not only provides energy efficiency, but a reduction in outside noise as well. New windows are an effective way to enjoy a quiet home.

Contact an Powell Roofing sales professional about the many styles of windows available and for the best products to fit your application.


Powell Roofing has been installing top quality gutters and leaders since 1998. Our professional gutter installers custom build gutters to the exact specifications of your home. Our aluminum is 0.032 gauge—which is the thickest aluminum available on the market. Our quality approach to every aspect of the gutter installation process gives you a professional finished product every time.

Powell Roofing installs both five and six inch seamless gutters, and both regular and oversize leader pipes.

All existing gutters are removed and disposed of at no additional cost.

Additionally, we can replace any existing damaged fascia (which is the wood board) at an additional cost, and you can get a quote to replace that fascia right over the phone. All work comes with a Powell Roofing guarantee: twenty years on the material and one year on the workmanship, so long as the system is properly maintained with regular gutter cleaning by Powell Roofing Gutter Cleaning.

Decking and Fencing

Let Powell Roofing add sophistication, beauty and security to your outdoor endevours with custom project-planning and expert construction and installation, using the finest products, engineered to stand up to the elements of the Pacific Northwest.

Home Remodeling

Powell Roofing staff of highly-skilled craftsmen offers custom solutions for your home remodeling or commercial remodeling project. Years of experience with complex construction renovation projects have equipped our craftsmen to be knowledgeable of the materials, technology, and requirements needed to satisfy your construction needs. Our expertise is available to owners of:

Commercial properties.

Multi-unit apartment complexes.

Single family homes.

Powell Roofing delivers quality new construction or corrects previous construction defects. We are a full-service remodel provider for these areas:





Deck services.

Construction defects.



Water damage; dry rot and mold.

We are ready to incorporate your ideas and visions into a completely remodeled and updated home. Project specialists are available to discuss the full range of services we provide. Powell Roofing Siding & Windows works with many of Portland’s top home builders on construction projects for many Street of Dreams homes. Builders and remodelers rely on us to provide information, planning and product selections for their projects. Powell Roofing Siding & Windows will do the same for you and work with you to realize your dream to improve the beauty, quality and value of your property.


Powell Roofing can give your home a sophisticated profile by upgrading the siding to one of many Cultured or Natural stone cladding options available.


Another way to secure your home, family, and your investment and to reduce energy prices is to replace old wood or aluminum doors. This investment will save you money while adding beauty and value to your most important investment — your home.

Installing energy-efficient  doors is one of the best investments you can make in your home. A great door, side lights, and trim can create a dramatic invitation to your home, and a positive impression. Upon installation, you will immediately see a difference in your monthly energy bills. Additionally, you will enjoy this improvement for years to come as you greet family and friends.

Powell Roofing ensures professional installations and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Our installation experts have tremendous experience and only specially-trained field personnel who meet our renowned service standards will install the premium  doors we offer.


Painting is a great way to add flair and excitement to your remodeling or new construction project. Items such as doors, decks, stairs, window trim, shutters, railing, etc. can be emphasized in many ways. Trust our skilled professionals to bring to life nearly anything you can imagine. Many items are waiting for you to bring interest and vibrancy to them today!

Make sure to contact our sales representative with ideas about integrating painting into your remodeling or new construction job. Remember that most dramatic changes, such as dark to light or light to dark, require many coats in order to get the best possible results. Make sure to consider that additional costs will be incurred dependent on extent of change requested.